• • Indoor camera in public transportation
  • • Rear camera on busses, camping cars
  • • CCTV applications


Our small form factor and extremely robust VIDEOCAM GxC-625 provides you with the perfect solution for interior and exterior applications on a wide range of vehicles. Even CCTV applications are available by working with the VIDEOCAM GxC-625.

This camera encloses a very light sensitive and leading edge 1/4’’ CMOS image sensor: for a native resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels and pictures in high quality. Another core feature is the industrial M12 lens mount system offering various lenses including a high quality fish eye lens with a vast diagonal FOV.

With the VIDEOCAM GxC-625 you produce analog composite video output on BT-601 level with an output resolution in NTSC or PAL-B/PAL-D/PAL-G.


Datasheet (PDF)

Product Features

    Functional Attributes
  • • 1/4‘‘ CMOS image sensor, colour masked
  • • Native resolution: 1280x800@60fps
  • • SNR: 41dB, sensitivity: 4.0V/lux*sec
  • • High-dynamic-mode (HDR)
  • • Image processing subsystem with AGC, AEC, AWB, adaptive-local-tonemapping
  • • Perspective image adjustment graphics overlay (controlled by steering)
  • • Lens distortion correction
  • • PAL-B/-D/-G or NTSC output
  • • Integrated M12 lens with IR-cut filter
  • • FOV(D): 175° / other options on request
    Power Supply
  • • Operating voltage: +9-36V DC
  • • Power dissipation: approx. 1.0W
    Environmental / Mechanical
  • • Size: 25mm x 22mm x 28mm
  • • Operating temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • • Sealed and molded housing: IP69K
  • • RoHS compliant, ECE-R10