Typical for Genexta is our deep technical insight

For the custom-made development of a new HDR rear view camera on cars or buses you need features that differ from cameras used for public video surveillance or the live control of industrial processes. Each customer has their own requirements based on the planned camera concept or application.

At Genexta, we bundle our long market experience and the highly specialized competency of leading camera experts to offer you the deep technological insight needed for this challenge.

Our high tech specialists have a unique understanding for the structure, architecture, design and development of cameras. They also have an exceptional know-how in the field of optical, design, sensor modules, image sensors, image processing in embedded systems, image analysis and video encoding. They pave the way to new solutions because of their in-depth expertise for the complete and systematic approach to camera solutions. In fact they offer customers a full camera life cycle management with products that are extremely efficient, compact and robust.