We offer you a unique combination of expertise

We supply our customers with tailor-made camera solutions. Genexta offers you the specific application solutions and product concepts that no other supplier is able to accomplish.

This unique business model is due to our deep insight into the relevant market segments as well as our long experience as one of the top suppliers for state of the art semiconductors and system components.

In order to supply you with cutting edge technology in the highly specialized camera segment, we have recruited several of the most experienced experts in the industry. Their core competencies bundles the development of the most sophisticated hardware and software solutions for outstanding camera architecture and concepts; including electronic, mechanical and system design. We maintain a strong focus on optical design, sensor modules, image processing & analysis, video encoding and all kinds of interfaces.

It is our goal to provide modular, open camera platforms and camera architecture. This is the basis to develop camera solutions in close cooperation with our customers – simply tailored to your specific needs.