For your industrial requirements we re-invented camera solutions

An increasing number of customers ask Genexta for Tailor Made Camera Solutions as they cannot find the perfectly configured product concept in the world market. Many of them expect us to re-invent existing camera configurations in order to integrate them even better into their future products and applications planning.

At the same time our customers don’t want to miss out on the cost advantage they experience from the Asian markets. By providing these advantages in Europe and manufacturing exclusively in Germany, Genexta successfully brings both worlds together.

We supply you with leading edge camera technology of the next generation at competitive pricing. Cooperating with Genexta you profit from high-end knowledge that puts the Tailor Made Camera Solution right at your fingertips. Thus we create an enormous extra value and future potential for leading industrial OEMS in automotive, public transportation, medical, communication & telecommunication, broadcasting, security and industrial manufacturing.