A huge number of state-of-the-art- features in one slim system

As we are your specialists for Tailor Made Camera Solutions Genexta also offers you excellent and most modern display systems. Whether your focus is on highly intelligent technical products for surveillance and public safety or on digital signage and cost sensitive applications: We have just the right displays.

The increasing processing power of latest embedded systems allows integrating Full HD video and audio interfaces in a small and extremely efficient display system. Based on your requirements video analysis, live decompression and IP-streaming capabilities can be integrated - and much more.

We build the next generation of intelligent display systems. They help you to monitor various kinds of live video streams or data coming from external sensors, databases or the internet. As an additional benefit we offer you a rich list of available interfaces like wireless and wired Ethernet, USB 2.0, SATA or HDMI together with several serial protocols for ideal customization.